A exclusive Choice – Parquet Flooring

Have you been bothered about getting the perfect flooring for your home for some time now? Well, if you have, then here is a word of advice for you. Opt for parquet flooring. Not a lot of people think about parquet flooring, in fact it is one of the most overlooked flooring options but the truth is, people who have parquet flooring in their homes are absolutely floored bi it!

Parquet flooring is a very exclusive choice. It dates back to 1684 and it noted for its exquisite beauty. You can get the parquet flooring in parquet panels and solid parquet and the different types of woods used include oak, pine, walnut and mahogany. You should also choose parquet flooring for the many advantages that it offers.

Benefits Of Parquet Flooring

  • The biggest benefit of parquet flooring is it adds to the decorative value of your home. Its texture and appearance is extremely rich and enhances the appeal of your house. Since parquet flooring consists of varied small pieces, you can create amazingly attractive patterns using them. Further, it is available in different types of designs and textures and complements home décor very well. You can opt for light colored or dark colored wood depending on your taste.
  • Another benefit of parquet flooring is it is available in a wide array of styles and designs. If you want your home to have an exotic appearance, then you can opt for bamboo parquet or mosaic parquet. Colored parquet is also a very good option and works really well with modern interior decors.
  • Parquet floorings are easy to take care of and maintain. These floors are moisture and scratch resistant and renovating them is very easy. They are actually scratch and moisture protected and come in waxed, pre-oiled finish and plain finish options. To give the parquet floors a polished and new look, you will only have to sand and varnish polish the floors once a year.
  • Since parquet flooring is extremely durable, installing them is a very cost effective decision. For renovation also, you need non expensive polishes and varnishes.