Servicing Diseased Trees

As a Durham property owner, you’ve likely heard of several diseases that can kill and deform trees. No species is totally immune to blight, but there are some simple measures you can take to prevent tree diseases from spreading. By following these tips, you can keep your trees healthy for many more years.

Remove Problem Trees

The most important way to help prevent tree diseases from spreading is to remove trees that are decayed, dead, diseased or dying. By the time one of your trees has visible symptoms, it’s likely already dying. It may be unfortunate, but Tree Removal in Wallingford can help prevent the spread of tree disease.

Use the Right Fungicide

Another simple way to service your trees is to have a tree services spray them with fungicide to inhibit the spread of fungi. This easy preventive measure can stop the spread of dangerous diseases like oak wilt and Dutch elm disease before it can spread to the rest of the trees in your yard.


Use the Right Insecticide

In addition to fungicidal treatments, your tree service will recommend spraying diseased trees with insecticide. The insecticide will kill eggs, larvae and adult insects, and it will prevent the spread of disease. Killing the offspring of these insects is important, because they sometimes burrow deep into your trees, eating the sap wood under the bark. Once the insects reach the outer bark, your tree isn’t likely to be saved.

Plant Disease-Resistant Trees

The most obvious way to prevent the spread of tree diseases is to plant trees that are naturally resistant to such problems. However, if your yard is already full of mature trees, that’s really not a viable option. Unfortunately, you may have to sacrifice problem trees through tree removal in Durham, and ask your tree service about replacing them with more resistant species that can help to keep the rest of your property’s trees healthy.

Trees provide Connecticut residents with many benefits, and we’re here to help them grow and thrive as much as possible. However, you should remember that disease is a natural part of trees’ life cycle. Nature has its own ways of controlling the environment, and all you can do is try to manage disease when it arises. Until we can fully understand how to protect trees, we will keep a close watch on tree diseases to protect not only the trees in your yard, but those in the natural forest.