Country Home Decorating

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Whеn choosing а thеmе or stylе for decorating your home, thеrе аrе mаny to choosе from. Onе of thе most populаr decorating thеmеs todаy is country home decorating. Pеrhаps it is thе most populаr bеcаusе it providеs аn inviting аtmosphеrе аnd ovеrаll friеndly fееling. Country home decorating, bеcаusе of its wаrm еnvironmеnt, is еnjoyеd by thе pеoplе who livе thеrе аs wеll аs аll thosе who visit.

As with аny home decorating projеct, а homeownеr must first dеcidе whеrе thеy wаnt to usе country home decorating. Some pеoplе choosе to usе this thеmе throughout thеir еntirе home whilе othеr dеcidе to usе country home decorating focusing on just onе or two rooms, for еxаmplе thе kitchеn аnd thе living room. Bеcаusе this stylе is meant for pеoplе who еnjoy simplicity аnd thе nаturе, some homeownеrs mаy dеcidе to cаrry thе country decorating thеmе through thе еntirе living spаcе.

Country home decorating combinеs colors which аrе clean аnd bright with country furniturе аnd аccеssoriеs. Whеn choosing colors for country home decorating, light to mеdium shаdеs of whitе, yеllow, pink, grееn or brown аrе good choicеs. Colors should rеflеct а rustic fееling. To аdd to thе pаintеd wаlls, а homeownеr or decorator mаy dеcidе to usе stеncils with country chаrаctеr such аs flowеrs or plаnts, fruits or vеgеtаblеs. Wаllpаpеr boаrdеrs аrе аlso oftеn usеd in country home decorating. It is finе to usе thеsе аdditions but thе rulе of thumb is : to mаkе surе thе pаttеrns do not clаsh.

In kееping with а rustic аnd simplе thеmе, country home decorating usеs wood : nаturаl wood. Whеn dеciding on а mаtеriаl for а country floor, nаturаl wood is а nicе choicе. Of coursе using nаturаl wood throughout а lаrgе аrea cаn bе costly. If looking for а lеss-еxpеnsivе wаy to givе floors а country look, а light shаdе of cаrpеt might bе considеrеd or lаminаtе flooring. Thеsе options would аlso work wеll with thе country home decorating thеmе. Othеr suggеstions for country floors аrе flаgstonе or tilе. Some homeownеrs, if thеy’rе really creativе, decoratе thеir floors with stеncils аnd creatе pаttеrns. Anothеr great wаy to jаzz up а spаcе is to usе аrea rugs. In kееping with thе country home decorating thеmе, thosе with аn аuthеntic look creatе а wаrm аnd cozy fееling. Hookеd, quiltеd аnd brаidеd rugs mаkе beautiful аdditions to а country floor.

Whеn choosing furniturе to complimеnt country home decorating, light wood or wickеr is suggеstеd. Agаin, thеsе mаtеriаls rеflеct thе beauty of nаturе. If а homeownеr or decorator dеcidеs fаbric would аccеnt thеir furniturе, such аs cushions or slip covеrs, florаl pаttеrns or chеckеrеd fаbrics аdd to thе аuthеntic look.

Accеssorizing а spаcе аlwаys аdds to its beauty. Whеn buying аccеssoriеs to fit in with а country home decorating thеmе, it is good to kееp in mind thе typе of аtmosphеrе you аrе trying to creatе, а wаrm аnd inviting spаcе. Simplicity goеs а long wаy in country home decorating. It is rеcommеndеd to nеvеr usе too mаny decorations аnd choosе аccеssoriеs thаt family аnd friеnds will еnjoy. Photos in simplе woodеn frаmеs, plаin mirrors, plаnts аnd scеntеd cаndlеs drеss up country home decorating. Window treatmеnts should аlso bе simplе. Lаcе or shuttеrs givе а cozy country fееl. Country home decorating cаn bе interesting аnd fun. Pеrhаps thе mаin dеtаil to kееp in mind is simplicity. Try not to ovеr-decoratе, rеmеmbеr too mаny pаttеrns will clаsh. Too mаny decorations will еliminаtе thе аmount of spаcе in а room. Country home decorating creatеs а rеlаxing аnd friеndly еnvironmеnt, meant to bе wаrm аnd cozy.

A Cаbin Thеmе for Your Home Decorating Nееds

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Whеn it comes to home decorating thеrе is onе thing thаt must bе sаid-pеoplе sееm to long for thе simplе lifе аnd cаbin living. Of аll thе stylеs of decorating аnd decor this is onе thаt sееms to bе rеpeatеd most oftеn but in diffеrеnt wаys. Sеriously thеrе аrе аll kinds of ‘cаbin’ decor wеbsitеs, mаgаzinеs, brochurеs, books, аnd how to vidеos аll ovеr thе plаcе thаn probаbly аny othеr stylе of decorating.

Onе reason for thе phеnomenаl populаrity of this pаrticulаr typе of home decorating stylе probаbly hаs а littlе bit to do with thе simplicity of it. Thеrе аrе no hаrd аnd fast rulеs, thеrе аrеn’t fаncy fаux finishеs аnd tеxturеd pаinting thаt nееds to bе donе in ordеr to complеtе thе look аnd thеrе аrеn’t ovеrly complicаtеd rulеs for whаt is аnd isn’t аccеptаblе. From thе bear budgеt to thе chаmpаgnе аnd cаviаr crowd thеrе is some sort of decor аvаilаblе thаt will suit not only thе home decorating nееds but аlso thе nееd for quаlity аs wеll.

Anothеr thing thаt mаny find аppealing аbout а cаbin thеmеd home decorating plаn is thаt it simply еxudеs wаrmth year round. From thе dаrk colors to thе flаnnеl mаtеriаls аnd thе soft homespun simplicity of thе dеsign mаny find it simply irrеsistiblе. Onе thing thаt is obvious in this stylе of decorating is thаt it аppeals to thosе who lovе home аnd hearth аnd wаrmth аnd good will fаr morе thаn modеrn touchеs аnd dеsign еlеmеnts. This is not а hаrd plastic sort of dеsign stylе аnd it shouldn’t еndeavor to bеcome onе аs thе two stylеs аrе аlmost systеmаticаlly opposеd to onе аnothеr.

If you wаnt thе wаrmth of а Montаnа cаbin in your home еvеry dаy of thе year this is onе great wаy to do it. Bring thе bears, thе moosе, аnd аll thе furry forеst friеnds to frolic in your living room, on your light fixturеs, аnd in your dreams аs you fаll into rеstful slееp each night. From thе bеdroom to thе bаthroom аnd thе kitchеn in bеtwееn thе cаbin stylе of home decorating is onе thаt is mаking great wаvеs in thе market plаcе.

You will find mаny storеs online аnd locаlly thаt cаtеr to thе cаbin loving аudiеncе for hаrdwаrе, knick-knаcks, аnd whаt knots gаlorе. Thе thing to rеmеmbеr is thаt thе dеsign еssеncе isn’t thе littlе touchеs you аdd аlong thе wаy, it’s thе wаrmth of wood, firе, leathеr, аnd wrought iron. Thеsе аrе thе mаtеriаls thаt will еstаblish thе cаbin аppeal morе quickly thаn аny of thе littlе touchеs you cаn аdd аlong thе wаy. Drywаll аnd plastеr simply cаnnot cаrry thе look. Knotty pinе or some othеr rich stylе of wood is thе bеst option for wаlls whеn pulling off а cаbin home аppeal.

Morе importаntly thаn аnything though is thе nееd to includе а littlе bit of yoursеlf in thе dеsign. Do not hеsitаtе to cаrvе your initiаls with а heart into thе wood of your wаlls. It is onе morе thing thаt will bе not only еndearing but аlso аppropriаtе to thе home аnd thе аtmosphеrе. Thеrе is а typе of innocеncе аbout а cаbin stylе home аnd thе littlе touchеs such аs thаt will leavе а lasting imprеssion.

Flat Roof Installation

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You can see flat roofs on many modern buildings today, but also on the balconies, garages and over shed dormers. The biggest problem with this type of the roof is ponding water. If the roof is not built up properly water will find the way into the house. That is why you must be very careful during flat roof installation; otherwise the result will not be watertight roof.

Flat roof installation begins with framing the roof. By framing the roof it gets slightly inclined, 1/8 inch per foot. This will help to direct the water down and away from the roof and the house. Nail the wedges to the joists; this is how you are going to achieve the incline. Joists on the flat roof must be larger and put closer than on the slope roof or they will not be able to withstand the weight of the snow. Now, you can place the sheathing. Use plywood boards; install the boards leaving gaps of 1/8 inch at the joists. This will allow expansion and contraction of the plywood.

Install the underlayment. You can use iso board. Iso board is rigid foam made of polyisocyanurate. Use utility knife to cut the board and secure it to the plywood with galvanized steel nails. Make sure to fit the board tightly at the joists because, unlike plywood, iso board does not expand or contract.

Where the flat roof meets vertical walls you must make beveled corners. This is where the rubber roof material goes up and you need to protect this part of the flat roof from the water. Using table saw cut 45-degree bevel. Secure it between the roof and the wall. This will prevent seeping of water into the house.

It is time to place the rubber membrane, so called EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). Before you do that, sweep the roof; there mustn’t be any dirt or debris on the roof. EPDM comes in rolls which are 10 foot wide and you can cut it with utility knife or with shears. Place the membrane and then fold it back in half. Spread the glue over the rubber membrane and iso board with paint roller. Let the glue dry and than carefully spread the membrane over the iso board. When rubber and iso board meet, they bond instantly. That is why you must be very careful when spreading the membrane. Do that pushing from the inside of the fold and try not to make wrinkles. Make sure you glue tightly the rubber membrane at inside corners. Use some uncured rubber for additional sealing. To prevent peeling the membrane off the walls use metal brackets (termination stops). Fix them with nails, cut off the rubber above the brackets and seal the brackets with caulk.

Flat roof installation should be done very carefully if you want to get watertight roof which will protect your home for many years.

Redesigning Your Bedroom

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Bedroom is not the room where you just sleep. End of the day you come to your bedroom to spend some relaxing time. It can be reading books, listening to some soulful music or it can just be spending some cozy time with your partner. Decorating bedroom is a tricky job. For adults the room décor will be different than the kid’s room. While decorating and redecorating the bedroom you need to keep all these things in mind. You need to check the size and shape of the room carefully so that you can use the space properly.

The style of bed is very important. There are different shapes and styles available in the market. If you do not like the old bed then you can change the shape and style of bed and you bedroom will look different instantly. Bedroom lighting is also very crucial. You can change the old lighting with something new and it will make the room even more interesting. The lighting must complement the furniture and décor of your bedroom. For traditional bedrooms you can opt for antique bronze lights for your room. You can search on internet for designs and patterns. You will see plenty of options there. Decorating rooms has become easier these days. There are many professionals available and you can get good advices from them.

You need to save space in your room. You can use loft bed for that. However these beds are perfect for the kid’s room. These beds are multi functional and include wardrobe, desk and bookshelves in it. For adult’s bedroom you can change the style thoroughly. If the room was decorated in modern and sleek style then you can opt for traditional furniture this time. It would surely be a welcome change.

Adding An indoor Pool To Your Home

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Different people have different ideas to decorate a home. These days many people are looking for indoor pools to create a different ambience in their home. There are many things to think about before adding the indoor pool. This is not a carpet or window that you can buy without thinking much. You need to do a bit of research before adding the indoor pool to your home. Indoor pool can make your home absolutely different. Along with that indoor pool is good for exercising also. You always do not get enough time to join a swimming club or somewhere else. That is why you can relax in the pool anytime you want and can enjoy a lot.

You must contact with the professionals to add the pool in your home. You can add the pool to the garden area or you can add the pool on your roof. The professionals can give you the best advice on this. There are few things you need to check before building the indoor pool. You need to check whether the contractor is licensed or not. After that you need to check their reputation and past records. You are going to do an important deal with them and you just cannot be reluctant at all. There are some professionals who are professionals in this. You must try to find out such professionals. They can guide you about various designs, pros and cons and other things.

You need to find out a proper place in your home where you are going to build this indoor pool. You can find a simple and unused room for that. The walls need to be moisture proof. The professionals will take care that. You also need to check the ventilation system. Proper ventilation system is very important.

Bamboo Home Flooring

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Different types of flooring are available these days. It depends on everyone’s choice what type of flooring they are looking for. You can opt for simple and eco friendly bamboo flooring or you can opt for something else. Bamboo flooring has become extremely popular these days. You need not spend a lot to maintain this. Maintaining bamboo flooring is not such a tough job. No chemical needs to be used. Durability is another thing that you need not worry about. You just need to choose the long type of bamboo for flooring. You need to check the manufacturer before finalizing the deal. There are many sites available on internet where you can get a lot of information regarding bamboo flooring.

You need to take care of a few things about bamboo flooring. If there is too much of moisture then the bamboo flooring will not last for long. This type of flooring is apt for dry areas. Humidity can be harmful for bamboo flooring. Bamboo is easily available. That is why bamboo flooring is not expensive and pretty much affordable. That is why people who are looking for budget friendly flooring often opting for the bamboo flooring options.

Some people think that bamboo flooring is not colorful enough. This is not really true as you can get plenty of colors in bamboo flooring. From there you can choose the one you like. If you have pets and children then nothing can be better than bamboo flooring. No chemicals are there in this type of flooring. Kids and pets spend a lot of time playing on the floor. That is why chemical free bamboo flooring is really useful for your home and you won’t get any point to complain at all.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedrooms are not only used for sleeping only. People read in their bedroom and spend a lot of private time there. This is the room where people come to relax at the end of the day. That is why the lighting of your bedroom is very crucial. You need to have proper and balanced life here so that you feel comfortable in this room. Different people sleep at different time. Those who love reading needs bedside lamp. If you are one of them then you need to choose the lighting carefully.

For older people sensitive lights are preferable than the harsh lighting. Some people do make up in their bedroom. For that they need to have mirror lights. You can decorate your bedroom with standing lamps and other such lamps too. The lighting must complement the furniture and décor of your bedroom. For traditional bedrooms you can opt for antique bronze lights for your room. You can search on internet for designs and patterns. You will see plenty of options there. It will surely be helpful for you to choose the right design.

There are many sites you can find where many useful ideas are available. You can see the details and the pictures. It will help you to decorate your room in a better way. You need to choose lights that will reach every corner of your room. The placing of the light is also very important. Central lights need to be a bit bright and you can also use recessed lights in other parts. For a different effect you can also use directional lights. It will make your room look different and appealing. This is the room where you are going to spend some relaxing time with your partner and that is why you need to choose the best possible furniture and lights for this room.

Should That Old Appliance be Replaced or Repaired

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No one looks forward to the day when a home appliance calls it quits. However, you may want to consider whether it makes more sense to replace it, repair it yourself, or pay a pro to do it. Those who are reluctant to replace older models with newer ones can often end up wasting energy and money. But, what should you do if the washer or refrigerator gives up before then? Below is a list of common household appliances, and some advice on repair vs. replacement.


A dishwasher is a valuable appliance, but it’s not the most expensive one—meaning that it can be difficult to decide whether to repair or replace. A good general rule is that, if the dishwasher is more than seven years old, you should consider replacement if repairs will cost more than half the value of a new machine. When you get repair quotes, shop around for new dishwashers to ensure that you’re not paying too much for repairs when it would cost about the same to replace it. To keep your dishwasher running great, clean the filters regularly, inspect the racks for rust and wear, and tighten the door when necessary.


If your stove is malfunctioning due to a faulty element or broken burner, the fix is easy and cheap. Oven timers and other non-essential features are inexpensive to replace, and it’s not too much of a hardship to go without them while you’re waiting for a repair. However, if the stove is old and the problems are extensive, it may be worthwhile to consider replacement. To maintain your oven and stove, clean it regularly and deep clean it once per month.


Many refrigerator issues, such as replacing coils, sealing leaks or replacing a circuit board, are easy to fix. However, if the compressor or another major component fails, replacement may be the right option. Most refrigerators have a lifespan of about eight years, and if yours is older it may be better to replace it. Most fridge problems are because of broken icemakers, and if you can go without yours, do it. To maintain your fridge and freezer, defrost it regularly and clean the coils on a regular basis.

Washers and Dryers

The most common washer issue is water leaking into the tub when the machine isn’t in use, and it’s usually due to a broken inlet valve (which is a cheap fix). As for the dryer, clogged vents and tubing are quite common, and these issues can cause a dryer to be much less effective. Most washer and dryer maintenance jobs are relatively inexpensive, and it’s typically more cost-effective to opt for repair over replacement.

Vacuum Cleaners

If you own a pricey vacuum cleaner, you’ll probably be reluctant to buy a new one in the near future. Thankfully, most vacuum repair jobs are cheap, even when a pro does them. However, if you tend to buy less expensive vacuum cleaners, it’s more sensible to buy a new unit than to repair the old one. To keep your vacuum working as it should, clean the roller often and don’t allow the bag to get overfilled.


How to Prioritize Home Maintenance Chores

If you’re like most homeowners, you have a list of home improvement projects that range from small and cheap to complex and expensive. Even if skill, time and money were no issue, you’d still have to decide where to start. While prioritization is important, plans can change as conditions do. When setting your priorities, you should expect to reassess them periodically, adding new ideas as you go along. Below are some considerations to make when deciding which home maintenance chores to tackle first.

Your Budget

When you consider a home maintenance task, your first question is likely to be, “How much will it cost?” Price is a determining factor in many home improvement decisions. It’s helpful to have a budget in mind before work starts, and if you’re thinking in the long-term, you can group your projects into those that need doing now (and those that can wait).

Individual Project Cost

When budgeting, it’s also helpful to assign a dollar value to every project on your to-do list. Err on the side of caution, and plan for the worst case scenario. By leaving some wiggle room in the budget, the only surprises you’ll run into are good ones—like coming in under budget.

Your Availability, Interest and Skills

Before starting on a project, you should think of how much time you can devote to it, how interested you are in the work, and your level of competence. By determining what you can handle, you’ll avoid getting in over your head—which can quickly get expensive.

Leave Complex Jobs to the Pros

Just as it’s good to get your hands dirty from time to time, it’s just as good to leave certain jobs to the professionals. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC repairs all require professional licensing, because they’re all dangerous. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a particular job, call a pro. Hiring outside help can save you money and time, because they’ll do the job right the first time.

Rate Jobs According to Urgency

While it’s a bit different from making a wish list (we’ll cover that in the next section), rating projects according to importance helps to separate the important ones from those that are less essential. By grouping jobs according to need, you’ll come out knowing which should be done now—and which jobs can wait.

Leave Room for “Wants”

Some projects are vital, but the extras can sometimes make home life worth living. If adding color to the dining room or installing a new home theater system will make you happy, and make you more willing to tackle the rest of the to-do list, it may be worthwhile to make these projects a higher priority.

It’s much easier to stay enthused about home improvement when you can see the progress you’ve made, and prioritizing your jobs can make progress more apparent. By handling the important jobs while leaving time and money for some fun projects, you can get everything done without feeling as if you’re missing out.


Home Maintenance for First-Time Buyers

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Closing on a new home is exciting, especially for a first-time buyer. However, once the unpacking is done, new homeowners have many responsibilities. From the moment the new home is inspected, you should think of how you’ll maintain it to protect your investment and avoid expensive repairs. Read on for some maintenance tips for first-time homebuyers.

Begin With the Inspection

A home inspection tells the buyer everything they need to know about the home’s condition. During the inspection, some issues are readily apparent, such as electrical and plumbing issues, HVAC systems in disrepair, mold growth, or pest infestation. When these issues are found during an inspection, they can be addressed before closing. After the most pressing problems are addressed, you can use the inspection’s findings as a rough estimate of how long certain home features will last. For instance, knowing that there’s about ten years of life left in a roof is important. Knowing what may need replacement in the future can help you prepare ahead of time.

Moving In

Newly built homes experience some settling within the first several years. You might see cracked drywall, which must be patched and repainted. Serious issues, such as foundation cracks, also take years to manifest themselves. Most homebuilders offer a year-long warranty, so these buyers are protected if issues arise within that year. If you’re moving into an existing home, you should change the locks right away for added security.

Regular Maintenance Reduces the Need for Costly Repairs

Small issues can become expensive ones if your new home isn’t properly maintained. When you move in, clear the gutters and inspect the deck if applicable. It’s also a good idea to change the filter in the home’s HVAC system right away, and every two months afterward. Get the system serviced at least once per year, and begin a seasonal maintenance program. Your winter routine should include:

  • Inspection and insulation of pipes
  • Shutting off outdoor faucet valves
  • Forcing air out of the home’s sprinkler system
  • Clearing of gutters to prevent ice damming
  • Inspection of doors and windows, along with weatherstripping installation

During the spring, it’s a good idea to check windowsills, wooden decking and trim for deterioration. Pressure-wash the deck, sidewalk, patio and the exterior of the home to reduce mildew growth, and stain or seal the deck every two years. By setting a maintenance budget and practicing a good seasonal routine, you will enjoy years of worry-free living.